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Eureka Highlights Temperature Sensing and Control Needs for Cement Industry

Published on August 21, 2020

Eureka Engages with Cement Industries in Iran, Highlights Temperature Sensing and Control Needs

Eureka Hosts Iran’s Cement Industries in a Webinar to Addresses Temperature Sensing and Control Needs

Eureka Engineering Enterprises, India’s leading manufacturer of temperature sensing and control systems, joined over 40 key players from the cement industry in Iran, a major customer segment of Eureka in the MENA region, in a highly successful webinar on 3rd August 2020.

The webinar titled “Temperature Sensors for Cement Industries” was organized by Salim Heaters, the distributors and agent for Eureka Engineering in Iran.

Mr. Manoj Khatan, Mr. Yogesh Gholab, Mr. Swaminathan from Eureka discussed the technological developments in the field of temperature and control systems for cement industry and expertise and latest solutions by Eureka in the field.   

Mr. Manoj Khattan, Managing Director, Eureka Engineering addressed the participants and presented an overview of Eureka Engineering, Pune, particulars about the products, workforce and our manufacturing facilities. He also mentioned about the group company Pune Techtrol and briefly mentioned about the Level Instruments for Cement Industries.

Mr. Swami Nathan, Business Development Manager in his technical presentation analyzed how temperature measurements at various stages are very critical to the cement manufacturing process to ensure process efficiency, consistent cement quality and to prolong the lifespan of the equipment.

He discussed the experience and expertise in of Eureka Engineering in temperature sensing application in cement plants and providing the engineered solution to Temperature Measurement. He gave a glimpse of Eureka’s extensive study on the Thermocouples & RTDs at Cement Plants, focusing on Physical and Chemical conditions that challenge the life and performance of the sensors.

Taking about the major reasons for early failure of Thermocouples such as High Temperature, Chemical Corrosion & Mechanical Erosion, he mentioned Eureka’s constant endeavour in identifying new Sheath / Thermowell material & continuous section of Cement Plants.

Details of Thermocouples specially designed for each section of Cement Processing such as Pre Heater, Kiln Inlet, Tertiary Air Duct, Calciner were also discussed by Swami Nathan

The technical presentation and analysis emanated high praise from the attendees who were also eager to know more about Eureka’s solutions for their specific applications. The following Q&A session, thus, proved to be a lively and highly successful knowledge-sharing platform with Eureka Team addressing their queries and assuring them of the best solutions for their applications. 


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