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A thermowell is a pressure-tight receptacle that protects and extends the life of a temperature sensor in processing applications where the sensor is not mechanically or chemically compatible with the process environment. Installed directly into piping, or other parts of process systems, thermowells facilitate sensor replacement in high pressure pipelines and eliminate the need to interrupt the process flow or drain of the process system for sensor maintenance functions. The use of standardized thermowells permits simple relocation of sensors throughout a plant.

Thermowells are designed to protect a temperature sensor from flow, high pressure and harsh environments. Thermowells encase and protect temperature sensors from the harmful effects of the processes into which they are immersed without substantially insulating the temperature sensor (Thermocouple, RTD, etc.) from the temperature of the process.

Standard thermowell designs comply with ASME PTC 19.3 and wake frequency calculations are available upon request. Our flanged thermowells are manufactured from ASME B16.5 flanges and fabricated with certified welders and welding processes.

Thermowell Fabricated Wel In

Thermowell Fabricated Threaded

Thermowell Fabricated Flanged

Thermowell Bar Stock Van Stone

Thermowell Bar Stock Weld In

Thermowell Bar Stock Flanges

Thermowell Bar Stock Threaded


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