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Ever Wondered How Thermocouple Works

Published on September 01, 2020

Ever Wondered How Thermocouple Works

Ever wondered how we measure the temperature of very hot material without thermometer?

Thermometers are futile at extreme high and low temperatures. So how do you think we measure the temperature of hot boiling volcano? Try to measure such hot temperature with thermometer and you will end up melting the glass. Such high temperatures are measured with an instrument called ‘Thermo couple’ that measures accurate high temperatures.  Let's take a closer look to see how it works!

How Thermocouple Works



Thermocouple is a temperature sensor that measures temperature in the form of electric current. It works on a very basic principle called Seebeck Effect named after Thomas Seebeck who discovered that if two ends of a metal are at different temperatures, electric current flows through it. This is also termed as Thermoelectric effect. Imagine two dissimilar metals connected to form a junction. If these two junctions are kept at different temperatures, then electric current flows through them. By measuring this current we can predict the temperatures of either hot end or cold end. Higher the temperature differences higher the current flows through the wires.

This is the basic working principle of Thermocouple.

Applications of Thermocouples

Molten iron pour from ladle into melting furnace Premium Photo

Thermocouples have wide range of applications and finds use in every industry involving temperature sensing. Following industries make use of thermocouple for temperature sensing:

1. Steel Industries

2. Chemical Industries,

3. Heat Treatment Industries.

4. Cement industry

5. Glass Industry

6. Aluminum Smelters

7. Automobile Industry

8. Foundries and Furnaces

9. Forging Industry

Apart from these major applications thermocouples find extensive use in research and development due to their ability to give accurate results even at high temperatures.

Types of Thermocouples

Thermocouples are categorized upon different metals and alloys used and are standardized as per industry needs. They are generally selected upon temperature range and sensitivity required for the application. Standard thermocouples types are K, N, J ,T, E , R & S .

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Who manufactures Thermocouples in India?

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